Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the most daring and darling city. I only got to experience it for about 12 hours but in that short time, it was nothing but a dream.

After an airport mixup, we were put up in mega fancy hotel for the night and boy was it luxurious. Knowing I was in Sydney with only a few hours, I was determined to make the most of it.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night. My Friend Zoie and I decided to “sneak out” of our hotel room around midnight and run down the street to find something to eat. Considering it was late, the only place open was a hole in the wall Kebob shop. Why not? We went in passing several drunk people and got ourselves some food.

We ran back to the hotel and stayed up for another 3ish hours talking and eating and probably watching the Kardashians.

Once 4am hit, we were ready- dressed and shoes on, to make the 45 minute walk/run to the opera house.

We had to be back to the hotel by 6am for breakfast and to make it on the bus but I refused to pass up the opportunity to fulfill one of my childhood dreams.

So we took off. Adrenaline pumping, smiles as big as Texas. I was stoked.

We made it, and i’m pretty sure I started crying(any persons natural response). Listen, you just can’t pass up sunrise over the Sydney opera house. I mean, come on.

Sydney, Australia far exceeded my expectations. The few people we encountered were so stinkin’ funny. And the way the sky rises over the city is out of this world. The city is so clean and so charming. 10/10 recommend.

I hope to return to Syd one day and hopefully for a longer amount of time so I can really explore and see the treasures this city possesses.

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