Western Cape, South Africa



As we entered this country , SA was a breathe of fresh air.

This was a place where i felt so close to God. It was a place where we spent hours singing songs and playing games  with 6 year old school kids, building homes for those who didn’t have homes, working alongside an organization that helps raise awareness for human trafficking, and preaching and sharing testimonies with a church who knows the meaning of worship.

South Africa was a place where, as we were pouring out our hearts, God was for sure filling them up.

God was hard at work mining for the gold in each of our hearts and presenting opportunities that showcased the gifts and talents He built into our design. Our true colors were flying high and He was at the forefront of our every step.

An atmosphere of deep breaths and beach days, the Western Cape of South Africa is full of endless potential.


In the beautiful and quaint town of Fish Hoek, holds a refreshing vibe of cozy mixed with a bit of surf culture. During our off time we went on walks to the nearby beach or to a sweet little coffee shop by the name of Stag. By the end of our time there, we were regulars. The charming little town was just a five minute walk from where we were staying which was nice for cabin fever and the need for fresh air.


Just a 30 minute walk or 10 minute car ride away was a small strip called Kalk Bay. Kalk Bay was filled with hidden treasures, delectable ice cream, and fresh fish and chips. Though this little nook gave off touristy vibes, it was breathtakingly beautiful. From vintage antique shops and whimsical gardens to jaw dropping views of the ocean and mountains, our time was always well spent there.



On our last day we got the opportunity to venture into the city of Cape Town. With it’s wild and wonderful reputation, we were not disappointed.  We stopped at a place along the harbour and split off to go adventuring. the views alone are enough to keep you there all day just staring. The harbour in one direction and table mountain in the other, we didn’t know where to look first.


After all the work that God had already done, i suppose it was a reminder that His glory never ends. He will never cease to continue amazing me.

South Africa was a place of real rejuvenation.


10/10 highly recommend.








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  1. nanny says:

    awesome……wish i could go…

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