Buenos Aires, Argentina


There’s no lack of passion in the beautiful city of BA. The argentine people are driven and beautiful people. They are very open in their beliefs and are overflowing with talent.


In our down time in Buenos Aires, we took to the streets exploring.

Always in the mood for bakery items so yummy they were eaten long before pictures were taken. We found just about every coffee shop within a 5 mile radius and soooo loved getting to take walks in the near-perfect weather.


We got to know the public bus route pretty well and overcame any fears of being in a tight space with a lot of strangers all pushed together.


Buenos Aires is full of many hidden gems.

A little nook by the name of La Boca captured my heart. This area holds the heart and soul of Argentina. With it’s salsa dancing, open street markets, and vibrant colored buildings, it quickly shot to the top of my favorites list.

IMG_4239 2

Such a happy place that filled my heart with so much joy.


The flowers. The colors. The dancing. The markets. The people. The food. The music.


We could have spent all day there. The only down-side being that, they saw we were westerners and wanted to charge us far above the normal price for things.


I loved getting to admire the incredible European-influenced architecture of the buildings.


You’re a beaut Argentina. Thanks for sharing your people and passion with us.


(I had to throw this last one in because what are the odds of finding a burger joint called “Brooklyn” in the middle of a spanish speaking country????)

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  1. nanny says:

    beautiful city
    especially burger joint named brooklyn

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