You may or may not know me. If you do, here’s a refresher and if you don’t, allow me to introduce myself. My legal name is Brooklyn Goins – although my dad supposedly wanted to name me “English” and occasionally during some of my many mood swings, I wish he had. He is the only one who typically calls me by my legal name, while most people just refer to me as “B”.

Sticking with the theme of talking about my dad, him and I share personalities which is (in my books) a major blessing although occasionally the energetic, Tigger-like personality of my mom makes an appearance in me and that is quite the sight.

I can’t help but feel the desire for constant change, whether that’s big or small- from hair styles to wardrobe to the place that I live. Im a free spirit by nature but only until about 9pm. I’m always the first to fall asleep(thanks for that gene mom and dad) and I tend to wander off, most commonly in grocery stores or just in life 🙂

In being an outgoing introvert, I tend to like my alone time. For a lot of people, they gain their inspiration in those moments. Like during a hot shower, on the toilet, right before bed, while knitting, or drawing, it’s often in the random moments alone that people find inspiration or have a revolutionary thought.

For me, it’s quite the opposite. I find that it’s in the busy moments. In the hustle and bustle. In the middle of a crowd jumping at a concert, having coffee in a busy coffee shop, laughing with friends, during conversation, or walking through a crowded airport. I have(what I consider to be) revolutionary thoughts. I draw inspiration from the people I encounter. It fascinates me, the things you can read about a person in between the lines. Body language and subtle nods during conversation. The way their voice fluctuates when talking about certain subjects. Listening for when the notes of excitement ring in their voice as they rave about something they are passionate about. Or the tones of disappointment as they speak about a time they would rather forget.

People inspire me.

I created “my simple soul” as an ode to those people. A way to capture, discuss, and admire the beauty of this world and the God who created it.

I hope you’ll leave feeling inspired and a little less alone.

much love


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  1. Wendy Goins says:

    I love you!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brooklynraeg says:

      Love you too ❤️


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