Fav things about Aus

This a list that i actually wrote up while in Australia of things that i loved or little things that i observed about the beautiful city of Sunshine Coast, Australia. Since it’s been a while and i am missing it heaps, i thought i’d share the love.

1) Plants

The plants here are outstanding. The trees, flowers, and bushes. They are absolutely beautiful. Plants are the go-to decoration for homes, businesses, and just about everywhere else. Walking down the streets makes my heart so happy just being able to see God’s creation in one of my all time favorite forms everywhere. (If you don’t know me, i am a plant LOVER. You cant go wrong with a bit of greenery.) Aus is COVERED in greenery and i bloody love it.

2) Airplanes

**This one is a bit more of something that i really just loved about where our house was**

We had the pleasure of living just 10 minutes away from the airport. And i mean that in the most non-sarcastic way. The planes flew over our house and they looked so close it’s almost as if you could reach up and touch it. It was one of the most underrated little joys ever.

3) Lingo

I know this what y’all are waiting for.

“G’day” is a real thing. I can confirm. “Arvo”=Afternoon // “Cuppa”=A cup of coffee/tea // “Mate”=A pal/bro // “rubbish”=trash // “rocked up”= showed up // “chuck it out”=throw it away “holiday”=vacation // “chips”=french fries // “Bikkie”=Biscuit (Which would actually be cookie in America) // “Grommet” = a kid // “Bogan” = (the equivalent to calling someone redneck or hick) // “Servo” = gas station // “She’ll be right” = it’ll be alright // “Togs” = swimsuit // “Ute” = small truck.

There are so many others but these are just a couple of my favorites.

4) Active lifestyle

Everyone around bikes, skateboards, and walks everywhere. It’s a great money saver and work out. When you go out you will always see people walking, biking, and skateboarding. It is honestly one of the coolest things ever. The people of Sunny coast are very active. People still drive cars of course but when compared to ole Virginia, they are wayyyy more active in their lifestyles. Surf culture, i suppose?

5) Sunrises and sunsets

The Sunshine Coast has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that i have ever seen. They light up the entire sky with the prettiest colors. Honestly, they are completely breathtaking. There is no way to describe the beauty that they hold. God’s glory is so evident in just the rising and the setting of the sun. After seeing an Australian sunrise and sunset, there is no doubting the beauty of God’s power. One of my all time favorite things was getting to sleep in my hammock in the backyard and wake up to the sunrise, and take a kayak out in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. 10/10 would recommend.

6) Shoes?

In Australia, shoes are optional. Walking through the mall, restaurants, grocery stores, down the street, basically anywhere. It is perfectly normal to just not have shoes on in 90% of places. I don’t know why i enjoyed it so much but i hardly ever wore shoes there. My feet were dirty 100% of the time but i didn’t mind. It was freeing honestly.

7) Community

The Sunny coast community is absolutely insane. It was shocking to me to see kids going anywhere and everywhere by themselves. Whether it was biking, skateboarding, or running and playing in the park. In the states it just wouldn’t be safe but in Sunny coast, its part of their culture. Another part of the community aspect is you can pretty much make friends with anyone and they are very open. Its almost one of those things that you cant really understand unless you are there type things.

8) Coffee

Coffee is its own culture in Australia. There’s not a place you can go (except maybe the outback) where you wouldn’t find a coffee shop. When i wasn’t at home or in class you could almost always find me at my fav joe spot “Stoker” (home to the worlds best chai— no joke).

9) Parks & Bbq’s.

There are parks EVERYWHERE. Like for real, on every corner. I suppose this goes along with the whole “active” lifestyle thing or really just that people in the sunny coast love to be outdoors. and I love that. Along with that, there are “bbq’s” or “flat-tops” along the walkway right next to the beach and its fantastic. Every Thursday, we would go down to the beach and have a bbq and play volleyball.

11) Morning tea

This is a train the US needs to jump on asap. Every day at 10:30am we would stop class and have a lil snack and some tea. Hence “morning tea” and let me tell you, it was grrrrrreat. Just the lil bit of motivation we needed to make it through the rest of our classes. Honestly, i think everyone could use some extra morning motivation and what better way to do that than with food. Am i right?

12) Bush turkeys and the Kookaburra

Oh. Em. Gee. These two animals. Bush turkeys are one of the scariest looking birds, and they are everywhere. And they just like to pop up out of nowhere(or, out of the bushes rather). Running down the driveway, in the parks, down the sidewalks, they reallllllly like to run in front of you when you are biking, i mean they are just everywhere. And they are scary. Then we have the infamous Kookaburra bird. The first morning in Aus i thought there were wild monkeys outside of my windows coming to attack me. But no, just the morning wake up call from the ever so gracious Kookaburra. How lovely.

14) Kmart

God bless Kmart. Now, before you think anything— The Kmart of Aus is much, much different than the Kmart we used to have here in ole VA. The Kmart in Aus is like a better, cheaper American Target. You might ask, how is that possible? Oh, it’s possible my friends and it’s real. It’s just sadly located on the other side of the world.


When you live somewhere for any span of time and make memories to last a life time, that place becomes a home. Whether i plan to go back to Aus at some point or not, i will always consider it a second home. It’d be safe to say that i fancy Australia.

This truly is only a short list and there are many more things that i could add. But i think i’ve covered it for now.

Lots of love,


P. S. If you ever have any questions about my time in Australia, or any of my other travels please don’t hesitate to ask! I love to answer questions 🙂


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