Vision and the new year

It’s so common to be in absolute dread of change and new things, but i have grown a love for change. Often, when it gets to this time of the year i hear people talking about being scared, nervous, or even just indifferent about entering the new year.

My feelings about stepping into the new year always change. I’ve had years when i was scared, years when i couldn’t care less, and years of excitement.

This year has been a year of change for me and it hasn’t all been pretty. There were definitely moments of ugliness and moments when my heart ached more than ever. However, every ounce of change that i have gone through has grown me in the best of ways.

One of the biggest things that i have learned through all of the change and growth is how important it is to have vision and to acknowledge God in everything you do.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

In all your ways acknowledge Him.

All your ways.

God is good at a lot of things and one of those things is disregarding our flaws. He sees them and chooses to look past them. We get it wrong a lot of the time when we say “He sees the person not the action”. No, He sees the person and the action but He chooses to forgive our actions and love us as people.

When we try to hide our flaws, mess ups, or certain little rooms of our hearts from God we are only hurting ourselves. Because God wants nothing but the best for us and when we hide anything from Him, we are keeping ourselves from our best.

If you had the chance to have the absolute best for yourself, wouldn’t you want that?

If someone said, “all you have to do is build a relationship with me, and i will help you reach your absolute best” wouldn’t you take up that offer?

Good news, that offer IS being presented to you.

I do not fully know how God works, but what i do know is that He is so full of love for us and He works in the simplest yet most thought out ways.

If God knows what’s best for us, and the Bible is full of things that He has said, and it says in the Bible to “acknowledge Him in all of your ways”, doing that is probably what’s best.

God is outside of time, He is our creator. Therefore, He knows. He knows what’s best for us before we even know we need it.

There is a promise in that verse that He will make straight our paths if we acknowledge Him.

The very dreams and visions we have for our lives our planted there by God.

So God plants these dreams and then we say “okay mate, I’ve got it from here”.


That is like trying to build something without the instruction manual.

Some times it might end up looking a little bit like the thing you are trying to build but it might end up falling apart afterwards. And sometimes it ends up looking nothing like what it’s supposed to.

However, whenever we acknowledge God(the ultimate instruction manual) on our dreams and visions we are way more likely to succeed with them.

When we acknowledge God in everything we do, we are more likely to have favor in everything as well.

The reason i can be excited for this new year is because i have vision for what’s coming and I’m excited to acknowledge God in all my dreams for this up coming year.

Last week i started a project that I’m excited to share with you all.

This was inspired by one of my very best friends, Natalie.

This is my vision board.


Created to display all of my ideas for 2018 in plain sight.

I have jobs, purchases, trips, my next big step, and even long term dreams on it.

The idea around this was to be able to spend time in prayer over our dreams and hopes for the new year and ask for God’s guidance in every area of our lives.

Such a fun way to “plan” for next year.

I had such a fun time making my board and writing down ideas and dreams. And it has been even more fun spending time talking to God about it.

So if you’re feeling stressed, scared, indifferent, or excited i encourage you to have vision for what’s next and acknowledge God in everything. It doesn’t have to be something as big as a vision board but even saying good morning to God and asking Him about things you desire is so refreshing.

much love and Merry Christmas,





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