Life lessons

Well folks, we are a little over two weeks out from my arrival in Australia and boy am i geeking out.

What are my plans for after this trip? (i get asked this a lot) and gee i’d tell ya if i knew myself. Let’s just say I’m open to pretty much anything, and the only plan i have is to fulfill whatever God calls me to. I wish i had a very elaborate 5 year plan but unfortunately that’s not how life works. funny, right? yeah, i didn’t think so either. But it’s all good, just gotta trust the follow through of your faith.

So here’s the next big question, What do i feel like God has been teaching me through preparing for this crazy journey?

Well… a lot actually. So, I’m going to try to sum it all up as best as i can into 5 major things i’ve learned.

1-Full and complete trust.

Trust is hard man. But after really practicing my trust in God over this past year, i feel like I’ve stepped to the next level of learning trust. Full and complete trust. No doubts.

Wowza. If you think partial trust is difficult…you’re in for a rude awakening. I sure was.

The thing with this journey though, is that its so much more than just the trip. It goes past that. This trip is just the beginning of my wandering with my creator. Its almost like ballroom dancing—learning to allow the man to lead can be difficult(trust me, i took ballroom dancing classes for 2 years) but once you are able to do that and find your rhythm, it turns into a beautiful dance.

You’ve gotta find your rhythm with God.


Loads and loaddddddddddds of patience. For the past couple of months, waiting has been fine because I’ve been mentally preparing myself. But as we get closer, and i find out more info, and start to meet and develop relationships with the group who will be my family for the next six months(which has been a huge stretch from my comfort zone, but I’m doing it—PTL), i can’t help but want to just be there already. And of course, now that the time has quickly approached and I’m ready(hahaha not really ready), these last couple weeks are going by SO slowly. I am learning to enjoy the time in between. Instead of wishing it would go by faster, I’m learning to soak it all in and be patient. Nothing good ever came out of rushing.

3-God is so freaking good

I tell ya, God just continues to amaze me constantly. From financial situations to missions destinations he has answered just about every prayer. Every time i start to grow anxious, He swoops in and saves the day in a “grand gesture” type of way. For example, i had been praying that i would get the chance to go to India on our outreach and i didn’t know if that would be possible. This past week they revealed to us one of the countries that we will be traveling to, and folks…i’m going to India 🙂

He enchants me, far past my wildest dreams and expectations. He is so so good.

4. Embrace change

Change happens. Especially during big, new, exciting seasons of life. Without change we’d all still be in diapers sucking on bottles. Change is good, even though sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it hurts so deep down in the very pit of your core that it makes you sick, but you have to trust that the change is what you need even if you cant see the good immediately. Sometimes hurt means growth. Change means growth. Change is learning, and moving forward. Thank the big man upstairs for change.

5. cherish your family

goodness gracious i am so so thankful for my family. I would not be where i am at, and who i am today without their constant, never-ending support, love, and correction. They are always there to listen and comfort. To cuddle and laugh. To play and to pray. Constant encouragement and there is never a dull moment. From late night sonic runs to random gatherings on my bed to just “hang out”. Never ever take any moment spent with family for granted. That time is so so precious. As we all get older its become harder and harder to all be in one place at the same time but even though we have grown farther in distance we have grown closer in our relationships and i absolutely adore that.

I suppose that is all that i can say for the moment. I don’t doubt that there are so many more things that God is teaching me and will teach me through this experience. And boy am i thrilled.

I am incredibly excited for this new adventure, and i for sure could use continued prayers at all times.

Much love,




******side note******

During my trip—instead of doing a newsletter, i will be trying my best to do updates on the blog. Im not sure how frequent they will be, or if it will even work. If the updates on the blog don’t work, i will just do a newsletter! I will have more info on that as we get closer 🙂


also, this is my family-the crazy ones i was talking about earlier 😉

kidding kidding, i love them bunches.



Resting in the promises. 

I’ve been trying to write this for like a week now and man it’s been hard. I wanted to just share what has been on my mind recently. My struggles and the things I’m actively learning through those struggles. 
So here we go…

Discontentment, worry, anxiousness, fear.  

If you could take a peek inside my brain for the past couple weeks you’d see a lot of those four things. 

But through being overwhelmed with all of these feelings, I’ve learned a lot. And though I battle through all of these feelings on a daily basis, God is faithful. 

I want to take some time to talk about discontentment. 

I think this is definitely one of the bigger struggles I’ve been facing. 

We live in a world where things have become so easy. You do and/or get anything with the touch of a button. And when something becomes inconvenient, it becomes a problem. 
Life is inconvenient sometimes. 
That little sentence couldn’t be more relevant to my life right now. I’ve had dreams and aspirations in life, and I still do. But they change as I get older. I have several dreams and aspirations and I’ve realized that my problem is that I want them all right now. And I’ve been getting frustrated because I can’t have them all right now. 
It makes me sound like a little toddler whining doesn’t it? 
I had a dream to travel and do mission work. And in a little over a month I’ll be going to Australia and then to several other countries to pursue that dream(sounds AHH-MAZING right?). But, this trip has now become inconvenient in my mind because I’m having to say “see ya later” to my family, boyfriend, and friends for 5 1/2 months. And that is pretty inconvenient. (But serving God is not suppose to be convenient)

I would like to be getting engaged, married, and having kids but that’s just not where I am right now. I’d like to be going to school but again, not yet. I’d like for my relationship with my boyfriend to not be long distance but yet again, I gotta wait. I’d like to have my own successful flower shop, but you guessed it, not yet. 

I’ve realized that this generation is so unsatisfied with everything. As soon as you get what you want, it’s not enough. It feels like there is always something better that is unreachable. And then once you reach that unreachable thing, there’s something else. 

The point I’m trying to get across is that yes, it’s good to have dreams and aspirations but you can’t dwell in the future. Live in the present. Enjoy where you are. Don’t stop fighting for your dreams but don’t try to live them prematurely. 
Patience really is something to be admired in a person. Because it is HARD. 

There’s a reason love isn’t sold at a 7-11. Or..any other store for that matter. 
Love isn’t convenient. 
Love is hard. Love is something you have to work for and fight for. If love were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. 

When you work hard to obtain and maintain something, you automatically give that thing a much higher value. 
I feel like this generation has lost sight of the “fight for love”. There are so many ways to find what is considered love in this weird world. All you have to do is open your phone, hit a button or two and it’s as easy as swiping left or right to find someone. You maybe hook up once, a couple times if you really like the person and then call it love. 
And don’t get me wrong, if you really do find real, true love on a dating website or app, that’s amazing and I’m so happy for you. 
But finding love isn’t just it. You don’t just find it and carry on.

It’s kinda like a seed. You plant the seed, but then you can’t just leave it there. You have to water it, give it the right sunlight, and the proper nutrients. If a seed is not maintained, it won’t grow. 
If love is not maintained, it won’t grow. 
And there are so many things that go into maintaining love. 

When it comes to being in a relationship, going on dates and seeing each other is important. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the little things that really make it count. From asking each other how their day was, to little notes and letters sent to each other. 

And you do have to be intentional about it. It’s so easy to get swept away in life’s craziness and forget the little things. 
Love isn’t as easy as the movies make it out to be. Don’t let that fool you. 
Love is fun and exciting, but it’s something you have to actively choose everyday. 
The only way to make it through any of these struggles is by trusting in the ultimate giver of peace. The only one who knows what our journeys will hold. The one who formed and fashioned every part of our beings. Our creator.
I have to daily remind myself to cast all my cares and worries on Him. It is so so easy to carry your burdens and let them pile up and become overwhelming. We think we can handle our struggles, and we can but we don’t have to and that’s the best part. God has given us an escape from all of our worries. 
“And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind. For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and your Father knows that you need these things. But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.”

Luke 12:29-31
Seek the kingdom of God and all of these things shall be added to you. 
Focus on Him. If you just keep your eyes on Him, He takes care of the rest. He knows what you need and is so so faithful to provide. 
Rest in His promises. He’s gotcha covered. 
Peace and love,