“Check engine”

Christianity and the Christian faith can be a bit complex. Trying to understand everything can give you a headache and by the time it’s all been explained to you, you don’t even remember what your first name is.

Good thing God doesn’t want us to practice a religion, right? 😉

But really though, all God wants is a relationship. Having a relationship with God is really so simple but it’s good to have some sort of understanding of who He is. If you don’t know anything about Him, how can you have a relationship? He is a very detailed and complex yet so so simple God.

Growing up, we were taught the trinity.

The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit-and we all said we understood it. But to be completely honest, i never understood it. They were separate but the same. What?

I knew that God was our creator and that Jesus was His son.

But the Holy Spirit completely confused me. I had such a hard time understanding what “He” was and what He did. So i just went with it.

John 14:26-27 are a huge help when it comes to understanding the Holy Spirit. understanding that He is a helper. Here to guide and remind us.

Haha God teaches us things in the absolute weirdest ways(or maybe its just me).

The other day, i was on my way home from Charlottesville when my “check engine” light came on and started blinking. I panicked and immediately pulled over and called my dad. The second i did that, it stopped blinking. I knew nothing was wrong with my car but i didn’t understand why it came on. So, i got back on the road and was very cautious. In that moment i realized that it was God teaching me something.

The Holy Spirit is your check engine light.

I don’t think I’ve ever understood anything more clearly.

Your heart is like your engine. If even the smallest thing is wrong or doing something it shouldn’t, your check engine light is going to come on. aka-the Holy Spirit.

It’s not going to be like an actual light, but He has ways of telling us. Whether we just feel like something’s wrong, we know something’s wrong, something happens that prevents us from doing that thing, or something alarms us that what we are doing is wrong and needs to be fixed.

As i kept driving, God revealed more and more to me.

My immediate instinct was to pull over as soon as possible if not, immediately. And that’s how it should be in our spiritual walk. As soon as the Holy Sprit alarms us, we should stop. immediately. The quicker you fix the problem, the less damage it causes.

Yet another thing He revealed to me was this: My other first instinct was to call my dad for help. When the Holy spirit alarms us, our first instinct should be to go to God for help. He created us, and He knows everything about our human bodies as well as our spiritual beings. So….why wouldn’t you go to Him first?

And it’s as simple as that. That was it. That’s all He said. And i have never understood the Holy Spirit more clearly than i do now. How strange right?

Haha I probably know more about cars than the average 19 year old female(considering i grew up with 4 guys in the house and a grandpa who is practically a mechanic) but i really don’t know all that much, and find it quite odd that God used a car analogy to reveal this to me. I have no idea why this analogy made things so clear, but i guess that’s just a beautiful picture of the complex yet simple nature of our creator.

Hopefully this made enough sense to be able to understand or maybe I’m just rambling about a car and a light and some dude called the Holy Spirit. However you take it, i felt the need to share this super rad piece of understanding with you.

*For anyone struggling to understand who the Holy Spirit is, i hope this helped you as much as it helped me*

Be encouraged. Ask yourself, “is my check engine light on?”

much love,



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