Vulnerability plays a huge role when it comes to trust. Since trust is our topic today, I’m going to be vulnerable and share with you my journey and testimonies of trust this year.

Although the year isn’t over, there has definitely been a theme so far.

2016 has been the year of learning how to trust. More specifically, learning how to trust God.

At the beginning of the year, i quit the job that i had been at for 3 years. I kept telling myself that i needed to find another job before i quit and i kept telling myself that and telling myself that but saw no results. I had applied to several different places and hadn’t heard back from any of them even though it had been weeks and even months since applying. I was too scared to quit my job without the assurance of having another job. I wasn’t seeing any hope of finding another job quickly considering i had been looking for months.

I finally decided to just do it. To completely place my trust in God to provide for me. Two days after i turned my two weeks notice in, i got a job.  A small flame lit inside my soul. Evidence. Evidence of what? The follow through.

Throughout the beginning of the year i had been really struggling with finding a “next step” plan for my life. I had been really praying and had lots of opportunities to choose from. In June i made my decision to apply for a YWAM DTS but i didn’t. It was so scary. I was so unsure about what this adventure would entail and where it would take me. So i put it off. Finally at the beginning of fall, i did it. I applied. For a solid two weeks i panicked. I had this overwhelming fear that i wasn’t going to get accepted(stupid right?). I refreshed my email every five minutes. It was a Tuesday(exactly two weeks after i applied), i remember telling myself “okay. Just give it to God it will be okay. But they said they would get back to me in two weeks. No, just trust God, it will be okay.” I got my acceptance letter that night. Carrying out that trust with finances for this trip were an even larger struggle. But again, as soon i decided to trust God, He reassured me that He was still in control.

Trust is hard. Very hard. Especially when you’re suppose to be trusting God.

I understand that placing full trust in a man you can’t see is absurd.

I understand that trust is something that you’ve held on to you’re entire life.

I understand that it’s a long shot.

I understand that it’s a risk.

Good things never come from the little glass boxes we call our comfort zones.

When we decide to place our entire trust in the one who created us, those glass boxes get shattered and we are free to go and do things without fear or worry.

I continually battle with not piecing my glass box together again. It’s so tempting. But every day that you say no to putting it back together again, is such a relief.

Realizing that the follow through is real, is overwhelmingly beautiful. It ignites a flame inside your soul. Often times, God is waiting for us to come to Him. He’s waiting for us to say “Okay God, I trust you.”

Have you ever been doing a task for someone and they begin to interfere and “help” or try to do it themselves and it gets frustrating because you’re wondering why they didn’t just do it themselves in the first place and then it takes twice as long to get done and doesn’t end up turning out the way either of you wanted it to?

When we ask God for something but don’t place our full trust in Him to follow through it’s very similar to the same situation. We are constantly trying to “help” or give our input, or trying to change things, or trying to do it ourselves after we’ve already asked him. But if we would just trust Him to follow through, He surprises us with what we needed and even better! He knows the desires of our hearts. I mean, it’s not like He created us or gave us life 😉

I promise you life is so much sweeter on the other side of your glass box.

Give Him your trust, rejoice in the follow through, and share your testimony.

much love,


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