To the person called into missions

Hello precious missions family(and any others reading this),

I would love to kinda share a bit in this post the story of how i got called into missions, and then also some things that God has been teaching me about missions.

To start off, let’s go back to the spring of 2015. At this point i was about to graduate high school and i had a pretty put together plan of how my life was going to play out—

Go to trade school, become a makeup artist, move to New York and open a salon(or get a job at a salon), get my feet on the ground and become decently successful, then find a guy maybe and think about starting a family.

And no one was going to stop me.

Wow, did that change. In the months that preceded graduating high school, God began working on my heart. This started with a new passion—writing. My new dream was to write. To inspire and encourage through words. This I was very excited about. This felt like something i could actually accomplish. Not that my previous dream was unachievable, but this one was it. It felt right.

Not long after this new dream was planted in my heart, came the missions calling.

This was funny(not really), because i remember telling God that missions was the one area of ministry that i did NOT want to do. I’m sure He got a good chuckle out of this, and not gonna lie, i was less than thrilled when i felt this calling. If you had told me a year and a half ago that i would be doing missions work, i would have laughed at you. But it’s incredible how God can change the hearts of people.

Recently i got accepted into an incredible missions school that lasts six months and i couldn’t be more excited.

What i really want to talk about in this post though, is what God has been teaching me over the past couple weeks in preparing me for this journey.

My hope is that whether you feel called into missions or not, this will be able to apply to you in some way.

There are 2 keys things that have just completely blown my mind.

1. God is not going to punish you for obeying Him.


2. You’re not going to gain anything from the fear of losing everything.

Holy cow this spoke volumes to me. I have had so much peace after hearing this.

When going into missions, more specifically longer term, there are lots of concerns that arise.

Obviously a fairly decent concern was my S.O., I’m in a relationship with a wonderful human and moving out of the country for 6 months isn’t exactly ideal. Luckily we are already long distance, so we are kind of used to that aspect but, 6 months. That’s a good bit of time. Another concern was the fact that i will basically be putting my life on hold for 6 moths but my family won’t be. A lot of exciting events and changes will happen while I’m gone. Birthdays, holidays, etc. that i will miss. Then of course health and safety. I will be in foreign countries and that can bring anything across my path be it sickness or danger. Also, one of the biggest concerns was financial. It costs a pretty penny to travel for half a year, a pretty penny that i do not have.

To be honest i was scared. Scared that relationships would be lost, feelings might be hurt, sickness might occur, danger could arise, and/or id have to turn it down because of money. But those two sentences completely shook me in the best of ways.

I knew i had to just go.

When God speaks, he doesn’t stutter.

He already knows how we are going to react and what will happen in the end.

The best encouragement i can give to anyone called into missions, or not, is to just go with it. God knows what He is doing. I promise. If God has called you to do something, it’s best to just submit.

God’s not going to punish you for obeying Him, and you’re not going to gain anything from the fear of losing everything.

So just go…that’s all He’s commanding(😉). Oh, right. I forgot to mention that we are actually commanded by Him to go.

But it’s much easier to just have a happy and willing heart to go.

love you all!


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