you’re loved.

Love is such a funny topic. I know I’ve talked about it before on my blog but to be honest, you can never talk about love too much. And recently, I’ve learned so much about love and how truly incredible and important it is.

For the last 6 months, I’ve had the honor of loving a truly incredible human. (I promise this isn’t going to be a sappy post, bare with me) Through loving him and him loving me, it’s taught me sooooooooo many things about love. But i think the most important thing to know about love, more specifically when it comes to a “significant other” is this:

Love is not an accidental, “I bumped into you, you must be my soulmate” experience. Love is choosing to fight for someone who makes your soul happy.

Someone who you know will be worth it, someone who will challenge you, and grow with you.

Now, i know I’m young and I’m not married yet, and i don’t know half as much about love as a married couple but i do know God. And if God is love, then thats all i need to know.

Love is inconvenient. Thats the hard truth. But when you find someone who wants to continue to fight to love you even when the “honeymoon phase” is over and when it gets hard or just tiring, its the best feeling.

Yes I’ve directed this more towards romantic relationships, but it really is the same throughout any relationship.

Love is not a feeling, its an action. You have to actively choose to love. It’s not just something that happens.

Love is hard. If love was easy, it wouldn’t be nearly as special or valuable as it is.

If the “love” you think that you’re experiencing or feeling is convenient or easy…it’s not love. I’m not trying to burst your bubble, i’m here to inform you that there is something so much better.

The ultimate picture of love was when God gave His son to die for us. haha how convenient do you think that was for God? HIS SON DIED. FOR US. And that was only a small glimpse of God’s love for us. The love we have here on earth is so incredibly minuscule compared to the love that Christ has for us. None of us will ever be able to receive that kind of love from ANY other source other than God but if we choose to love each other according to the example Christ has set for us, the result will be incredible. Even if its just a very tiny fraction of the Agape love, it will still sweep you off of your feet.

God chose to love us with this kind of love.

He didn’t have to.

But He did.

hahah But God.

The famous phrase that we don’t take as seriously as we should.

We lie…But God.

We steal…But God.

We mess up…But God.

We fail…But God.

We fall short…But God.

We put other things, people on the throne…But God.

We curse…But God.

We tear apart…But God.

We sin…But God.

We are human…But God.


But God…chose to love us. He chooses every day to welcome us, less than worthy humans, into His arms and He loves us.

Love is not an accidental, “I bumped into you, you must be my soulmate” experience. Love is choosing to fight for someone who makes your soul happy.

We make God happy, so He chooses to love us.

Yes we mess up, but there is redemption. And that’s a whole other topic. But i really just want you to know that:


There is a God in heaven who wants, longs, desires to love you.

you are loved.



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