love every(body)

Our bodies are the temple of God. And because we are human, our bodies are imperfect. But God knows that, he designed us. He formed us each in our mothers wombs. We are all different, and thats okay.

Today there is so much going in this world that its difficult to catch sight of the things we say and do. But recently i saw a post on Facebook that concerned me. and Honestly, it wasn’t the post that concerned me, but the way people responded to it.

The topic of body-shaming has been tossed around so much that it has almost lost the value in what its actually about.

Just as a quick reference, the post i saw was of a celebrity who is a playboy model(meaning she is quite skinny and has a very nice, fit body)and she had been at the gym and saw a woman who wasn’t in what the world would call ”good shape” and she took a picture and made a comment that wasn’t very nice.

But can we be real for a second all body types and sizes aside, how many of us have looked at someone else and thought or said something about their body that wasn’t very nice? all of us probably. Now, i don’t think that the picture was very nice and she probably should have thought twice before she took it, but she’s human.

After this picture and celebrity were torn to pieces for wrongly body-shaming another human, another celebrity(who is a plus sized model)made a comment. And the comment was “It must be nice to be so perfect”.

This comment kind of rubbed me in the wrong way.

I personally am i pretty skinny/ petite person but that honestly is just my body type. I don’t work out, and i eat mcdonalds probably 24/7(and not the healthy stuff either). I was simply created this way. And the playboy model probably has a very similar body type to mine but she has the motivation to keep herself healthier and more in shape than i do.

Now, this other celebrity is also a very beautiful woman, also a famous model.

The only physical difference between these two, is what size clothing they wear. That’s it. And neither of them are of less value than the other because of their size.

But by saying something like “must be nice to be so perfect” is body-shaming as well.

Body-shaming at its rawest is degrading someone, putting them down because of the way they were created.

God created us all to be unique. To have individuality and diversity.

I could say, “well if you wanted a body like that, then all you have to do is workout and eat healthier” but honestly….not everyone can look like that. Because if we were all able to look like that and we all did, then that would be boring. And it wouldn’t be what God wants.

We all have insecurities about our body because they aren’t perfect. And the never will be. And i hate to be the one to break that to you, but our human minds will always always find something displeasing about our own selves. I have several insecurities about my body. But you know what, I’ve learned to see myself the way God sees me. Which is incredibly beautiful, perfect, flawless. And THAT is what we need to realize. Until we learn to see ourselves the way God does, it will be difficult to see others in that same way.

So please please please understand that you are all incredibly beautiful, handsome, perfect, and flawless.

We were created in the image of God. And He is all of those things therefore making us all of those things. Walk in that. Be confident in who you are.

If someone has ever told you that you look like someone famous, particularly someone that you really really like, it always makes you feel better. Well you look just like Christ. And He is the most beautiful of them all.

So please, take this and be encouraged.




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