love love love love love


So as you all know, recently the world we live in has been getting a little crazy.

Now, i now what you’re thinking, “oh golly, another opinion about the violence of our terrible world”

But before you exit out of this please please understand that my only goal in this is to encourage. I don’t want this to be me ranting about violence and offering my opinion and facts that you have more than likely already heard a million times.

With that being said…

If you are on any form of social media at all, you have seen at least one post about a shooting, or the police vs. the black race, or some type of “_____lives matter”, or terrorist attacks, or kidnappings, or politics.

Well. This is our world. Or at least a giant portion of whats happening in the country we live in.

A lot of crazy things have happened and people are acting out based off of rage and anger and hurt. And i understand. I understand why you’re upset. A crazy amount of bad things have happened. Things that don’t make sense. Our government is a mad house, the law enforcement is under fire, racism and discrimination are running rampant. We are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, screaming and yelling hate at each other.

The two absolute strongest feelings in the universe are love and hate.

The devastating truth I’ve come to realize, is that there is more hate in this world than ever before.

My heart aches for the people of our world. There aren’t enough hospitals and medicine to repair the total amount of hurt felt by everyone in this world.

The other day i was driving down the road and i saw a man standing on the sidewalk holding a cardboard sign. And i thought to myself, “oh it’s another homeless person” but as i got closer there was something different about him. He wasn’t dressed in nice clothes and probably wasn’t very physically wealthy, but he had the biggest smile on his face. His sign read, “Just smile :)”. In that moment, if i hadn’t been on my way to work i would have stopped and given that man a hug.

This is what our world should look like. That man was full of so much joy and by simply standing on the side of the road with a cardboard sign he made my entire day.


Even though there is an infestation of hate in our world, we still have the power to spread love. Just because there are bad things happening left and right, doesn’t mean we can’t smile and tell people that they are loved regardless of whether other people think that or not. Ultimately the truth is that God loves us first and foremost and His love is strong enough to be able to kill this outrageous infestation of hate and violence. His love has already won the battle between love and hate.

Just like everyone else, when i first heard of all this craziness i got mad. I was upset. But i thought about it, and being angry just makes me a part of it. So instead of being angry, i’ve challenged myself to let this fuel the opposite. I’ve challenged myself to spread love. Because even if I’m the only one who spreads love in this trying time, my prayer is that it touches someone and inspires them to do the same thing.

lots of love,


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