just remember the little things. 

The mountains were a song He had written for me, and that night we danced to that song. It was the anthem of our love for each other. Or rather, the anthem of His love for me.  I love Him but I’m afraid while I try my hardest, I don’t even know how it’s possible to love someone the way He loves me. 

That night was a difficult one for me. He knew it. I didn’t even have to say anything. I was driving and as I looked over I saw the masterpiece he had painted for me. The canvas was covered in blue, pink, orange, purple and white. It was the most beautiful piece of art I had ever seen. And it was for me. My soul flooded with joy and the windows of my soul began to leak. His presence was so overwhelming that I just sat at his feet. I sat there and let him play with my hair. He told me things. Beautiful, wonderful things. And we danced. We danced as our song played. 

I can’t quite explain to you the depths or heights or widths of His love. But that night I experienced it in what I believe wasnt even half of its fullness. He gave me a peek into the vastness of His great and powerful love. Even the small portion He revealed to me was enough to make me fall in love with Him. 

His love felt like a warm breeze on a chilly autumn night. It felt like cuddles from a dozen puppies. The joyous laugh of a newborn baby. The look on the grooms face when he first sees his bride walk down the aisle. The eyes of a mother holding her child for the very first time. 

Every perfect moment that exists is because our Father in heaven chose to shower blessings on His children. He hand picked each and every one of those moments and gave them to each of us by name because he loves us. It’s that simple.

I don’t think you understand the love of our creator. I surely don’t. But even knowing a small percentage of it will change your life. It will. But it’s hard to love someone if you don’t even say hi to them. We spend our lives searching for love. Searching and searching to find someone who will just love us. But we don’t realize that there is someone who has been loving us with a love like no other since the day we were conceived in our mothers womb. And yes, you will find someone one day who will love you and you will live happily ever after. 

But you have to take time to appreciate and thank Christ for the love that He has so graciously given to us from the very beginning. And He hasn’t stopped. And will never stop. Even though we do things that are unworthy of His love. 

He wants us to be happy and joyful because we are His children. He wants us to just sit and soak in His love. And then He wants us to take that love that we have so kindly received and hand it out. This isn’t some scary church outreach where you have to organize and plan and get a group together. But when you’re at Starbucks, ask the barista how their day is going. Compliment the stranger who is about to pass you on the sidewalk. Leave your waiter or waitress a note on the receipt(and a decent tip if possible). 

Just smile. 

You see, it’s the little things. God is a God of details and little things. That night in my car He knew I was having a rough night and decided to make the sunset extra beautiful over the mountains. 

Just remember the little things. 


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