Where to?

Road signs on a wooden post, Fort Bulnes, Magellanes, Chile

“What’s your plan?”

-“Well, i was going to to grab lunch and then i don’t know..”

“Oh. No, i mean like…for life”


If i had a dime for every time i have had that exact conversation, i wouldn’t be having those conversations.

Looking back at the past year, so much has happened and changed. It’s been good, bad, and ugly. However, by the grace of God i’m where i am now and i’m alive and well.

It is incredible to see how God has so beautifully orchestrated the most recent 12 months of my life. I graduated high school, went on a bunch of wonderful trips, i got a big-girl job, met countless new faces, lost relationships, gained relationships, i could go on forever. But throughout all that time and all those changes, the biggest changes happened within the confines of my mind.

I’ve had dreams and passions, and they have changed several times. And to be honest, its hard and very frustrating at times.

Growing up, i was always a people pleaser. I wanted to do things that people would be glad i was doing. I wanted everyone to like me. It’s really rough coming to the realization that everyone liking you is not realistic. Because, it’s just not. But praise the Lord for helping me to be okay with that.


I’m 18 years old. My main dreams and passions in life are to be a writer, a wife, and a mother.

Am i going to college? Not currently. Maybe i will one day.

***Breaking the news to your grandparents that you might not go to college…buy ice cream before, because you are going to need it***

Thank the Lord for parents who are supportive of me regardless of whatever i choose to do in life.

I can confidently say that I do not have a plan for the next couple years of my life. Currently, i’m just letting life take me where it takes me. And i know what you’re thinking… that sounds flakey and a bit reckless but here’s the thing:

I’m doing exactly what everyone has always told me to do for the entirety of my life…

I’m trusting God to take me where I need to go. And it’s not that His plan for me keeps changing(because His plans are perfect), it’s that He’s guiding me through life to find His plan.

Yes, He has the ability to drop His plan for my life into my lap but where’s the fun in that? I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to experience the world. I wouldn’t have tried and failed and l


Gosh. I’m so thankful to be where i’m at with the people i have around me. And i am so thankful to be on this journey. It truly is incredible.

So here’s to the next adventure on the journey to find the plan!

much love, b.

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