Let’s talk about anxiety. 

We all unfortunately fall into the trap of OVERTHINKING. We do. And we as humans can’t help it. Overthinking is one of the most common forms of anxiety. But let me tell you…it’s a LIE. It is. And while overthinking and anxiety are two very real things, they are some of the enemy’s easiest forms of attack. 

About 97% of the time we fall for it. 


But we do. I think the worst part is that, we are okay with it. And we get comfortable. 

But the reality is—it’s not okay. It’s just not. 

It’s so easy. I know. This is something that I go through everyday. But let me tell you…it piles up. It’s like a snowball. After a while, you start shaking and you don’t stop. You cry yourself to sleep. You want to be alone all the time[which is not healthy]. You lose your appetite. You stop loving yourself, which makes it hard for other people to love you. 

Hahahaha gosh. It’s all such a lie. ALL OF IT. 

—you are so much stronger than that—

I promise you. Wanna know why I can say that? Because each and every one of us are created in Christ’s image. Our heavenly Papa’s image. And overthinking and anxiety are not of Him. Anxiety stems from a fear of abandonment. But our heavenly Papa says he will never leave nor forsake us[Joshua 1:5].


He just can’t do it. He walks with us. [Psalm 23:4] He’s with us wherever we go. Most of the time when we hear that, we think physically. But really, it means that He’s there wherever we go in our minds too. Man. That realization hit me like a brick. No matter how far our minds take us…He’s still there. And the greatest part…is that HE’S ALREADY DEFEATED THE ENEMY.

God is so freaking good. 

I began writing this with tears streaming down my face. I was stuck in a hole that I had dug in my mind. And now…you couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face if you tried. Sometimes you need to just soak in your creator’s presence at 3am. And if you listen…I guarantee you, He will speak


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