Belize-Day 2-Thursday-7,23,15

Wow. It has been quite the day.

After eating our yummy breakfast of: Pancakes, watermelon, avocado, pepper eggs, beans, and juice, we all loaded the bus and headed for Pomona!

Today was medical clinic day 1. When we got on the bus, my assigned job was people mover. When we walked into the building, mine and Taylor’s job was switched to dental help! Taylor and I were so excited. We put on gloves and went right to work. There were two “dentists”. One was a young, recently graduated dental student and the other was older man. This older man was a real dentist however, had a very dry sense of humor. Every patient that came through, he informed that he was not a “real dentist”(even though he was). So, we just went with it. After 9 1/2 hours of washing bloody tools, filling out patient forms, being fed by other people(since we were non-stop washing dishes and taking care of patients we had to keep our gloves on. So for safety/health reasons, other people fed us), and assisting in pulling out over 40 teeth, we finally made back to the Macaroni.

Dinner tonight consisted of: Rice, chicken, beans, plantains, salad, and the juice of the day(Not quite sure what the fruit was that it came from). Then for dessert(the best part of the meal), we were served chocolate cake with oreo icing. So yummy! Now, I have showered and gotten ready for bed. Im exhausted but excited to be in my own bed tonight, and ready for another great day tomorrow!


p.s. Sorry for no pictures of this day, it was a little too busy 🙂

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