Belize-Day 1-Wednesday-7,22,15

As I walked off the plane, I was immediately greeted by the bright colors of the airport and the dark belizean faces staring. WELCOME TO BELIZE! <—–

Right now I am riding in a very large school bus, going about 70 mph, down the dirt road, windows down, and music up! This country is too beautiful for me to comprehend. Too beautiful for words. As I sit here, I am reminded of all the memories made in my previous trip. I cannot wait to hold the sweet children of the Macaroni village in my arms again. I cannot help but smile. This is my passion, my dream. And God is fulfilling it that before my eyes. I wish I could describe how I feel but it too much.

It just started raining. Rain, one of my favorite things in one of my favorite places. This day couldn’t get much better.

I spoke too soon. Now it’s time for lunch at Cheer’s(one of the best restaurants in the country)!11805735_715889928557623_1010460625_n 11798558_715889925224290_614573737_n 11787253_715889921890957_1317011639_n

After scarfing down my food and finishing two other people’s food, we are back on the bus! We have about a two hour drive to our final destination and the anticipation is growing!

After a stop at a mennonite ice cream shop,


we finally arrived at the Macaroni Hill View Hotel!

11830766_715889941890955_1985469797_n 11793184_715889955224287_421884156_n

We unloaded the bus as fast as we could and were finally reunited with our belizean family. After playing with the kids for a while, we all retreated to the roof for a brief meeting. Then, we anxiously awaited our dinner which arrived in belizean time(always a bit later than american time). Once dinner finally arrived and was eaten, we had some brief worship and everyone was dismissed. As I walked to my room, exhausted and ready to jump in the shower, I was greeted by another belizean family and ended up watching their kids for a while.

Now, very ready to hop in bed, I went back to my room and jumped in the shower. As I dressed in my pjs, I was suddenly informed that two of the A/C units in other rooms were not working and that I would have to sleep in another room for the evening.

So now, I am tucked in someone else’s bed, exhausted, but ready for what tomorrow holds!



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