You are what you wear

In today’s society everyone has their different views when it comes to being classy and what that means. 

Some people think that class is a thing of the past and we have moved on from that. 
When reading in Proverbs they talk about the immoral woman. Now, when we read that, we think of her as being the “extreme“. 
But the immoral woman is no longer the extremity, she is the reality.
This is such a scary thought. This idea of a scandalousprovocative woman is what young ladies aspire to now a days. They think that they have to be like this to attract young men, or to “fit in” with the crowd. This is such a perverted way of thinking. It saddens me to know that my peers are guided by this lie. 
The lie that tells them less is more. The lie that says “throw yourself out there“. “He’ll respect you if you send him nudes“. 
Let me tell you something, 
If he is asking for nudes, he has already located himself. There is no respect in that. A true gentleman would never do that. He doesn’t have an ounce of respect for you.
But I can’t blame this all on the men. There is fault on both ends. 
Girls, if you could see yourself the way God sees you, and respect yourself enough to know that it shouldn’t have to take you dressing provocatively to get the guy. 
Wanna know a secret? 
Most guys like it better when a women respects herself and covers what she needs to cover.
[ If you dress trashy, guys will treat you in a trashier way. 
If you dress classy, guys will treat you  in a classier way. ]
Now this doesn’t mean your skirts have to completely cover your knee and I’m not saying you have to wear a turtle neck…
But if your caboose and lungs are hanging out, maybe you should reconsider your outfit. 
It’s also considering the preciousness of others. While some guys don’t mind seeing all of that, the rest of the world doesn’t. 
Dressing classy is something that is not only for girls. There is definitely a standard of dressing for men as well.
Let me just start out by saying, 
Girls do not like it when your pants sag. It’s not cute (If you go and look up the history of why guys wear their pants like that, you will pull your pants up immediately). 
We don’t care how “swaggy” you might think it looks, it’s not. It’s just not. Stop. White socks do not go with black shoes, so don’t even think about it. And for the sake, sanity, and good fortune of us all please do not wear plaid on plaid. It doesn’t match no matter how much you think it does. 
Although there are different ideas and “standards” for dressing, there are definitely some base “rules“. There are certain things that just shouldn’t be worn. And certain things that should really be covered up. 
I think we can all agree that clothes are one of the best inventions out there and they have definitely improved with the times. I truly believe though—— It is not about the clothing itself but how one wears the clothing that really defines it, and helps to define the person. 

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