How to restore the faith in humanity. 

You’re in the grocery store and you’re in a rush. You see a woman/man struggling with their groceries. They seem weak and are in need of help to finish their shopping. But you’re in a rush, remember? 

W h a t  d o  y o u  d o ?
Do you continue on(you really need to go), or do you stop and help?
Here’s a milder situation:
You walk into the dmv and get in line for a number but then a woman with children walks in and gets behind you in line. Servanthood would say to let her step in front of you.
——– most of us would not even think to do that———————-
You see, as humans we get so distracted by the things that are going on in our lives that we lose sight of servanthood. A lot of us probably don’t even know what that means. 
I promise you it’s not as hard as it sounds. 
in order to understand servanthood, you have to first learnt the art of dying to self. 
Right now you are probably not liking the sound of that. 
“I have to die to myself?”
Yes. Yes you do. 
You have to say no to what you want. Kill your comfort. 

“K i l l  y o u r  c o m f o r t.”

You will survive if you are a little late. You will survive if you have to wait just a little bit longer at the dmv. 
If you can get to the point where making somebody else’s day makes your day, you’ve learned the art of dying to self and you have begun your servanthood. 
The world has lost their faith in humanity. If we can restore that by doing simple things like letting someone step in front of you in line at the dmv, then why not?
One act of servanthood has the power to restore the faith in humanity. 

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