The Heart Hammer

My heart was broken.

But, it was broken by a very unlikely source. I never suspected this unlikely to break my heart. But they did.
“Life goes on”. Yeah, no. It doesn’t. Or at least not for a very L O N G time. This unlikely haunts my
I can’t get them off my mind. I thought we were perfect for each other. At times I still do. But, I guess “everything happens for a reason”. Ugh. I… I just can’t (I know, *cue white girl* but I am a white girl, so you’re just going to have to deal with my lingo).
My life revolves around this unlikely, but it shouldn’t. I still love them but I hate them at the same time. And they fill up the entirety of my thoughts. They won’t leave. Nothing helps. Music, food, driving. This unlikely is everywhere. I can’t escape it.
This unlikely is myself.
You see, we always blame our broken hearts on other people. However, just like the ever so wise Augustus Waters said, “It’s a metaphor you see. You put thing that does the killing right in between your teeth, but you don’t actually give it the power to kill you.”
No one can break your heart unless you give them the power to do so. And that is our problem. We mindlessly hand people the hammer and say, “hack away at my heart.” But why?
We waste our time, tears, & emotions on a mind game.
All of the “maybe’s” in the world can’t compare to the “definitely” that God has waiting for us. 
So, with all that being said..put the heart hammer away, I don’t think you will be needing it.

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  1. Victoria says:

    So, I just read through your entire blog, and I just want to say, AMAZING! So inspirational! Girl, keep it up! God has great plans for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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