“Remember that time that you loved me? I do.
I remember every time you said I was beautiful. I remember every time we talked. Oh, the way you talked to me, I couldn’t help but smile. I remember the way you cared about me. I remember the way you said my name. I remember our late night talks. I remember the way you soaked up every minute we were together. You made the best out of our conversations. We had so much fun.  I remember the first time we met. It was love at first sight. Or, at least for me it was. For a while I even thought you were in love with me.

Do you remember? I remember. 
But. I also remember when you ignored me. When you blamed things on me that weren’t my fault. When you lied. Although, the funny thing is, I always knew you were lying. But I continued to love you anyways.
It was heartbreaking. BUT, I forgave you. Every single time. You told me you would make up for it, but you didn’t. My heart ached for you. All I wanted was for your love in return. I wanted you to show me off to your friends. But instead you kept me hidden.”——
—— as a reader, you are probably feeling sorry for whoever wrote this. You are wondering who this awful person is that has broken this unknown author’s heart.
It makes your heart ache. How could someone do that? Rude. Just rude.
Do you want to know who that person is?
It’s you. It’s you, and me, and everyone who breathes.
You see, our creator loves us. And we all have at some point in time in our lives loved him too. But the thing is, we are just as bad as this unknown heartbreaker. Because we have done all the same things. The emotions and feelings you had after you read that is the way that God feels every time we throw Him out, ditch Him, hide Him, and etc. it’s heart breaking but we mindlessly do it.
It’s time for a change. It’s time for you, me, us to decide. Make the decision to keep living this oppressive life or to start living like we truly love Him.

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